Self Cleaning Screen Mesh

Self-cleaning Screen Mesh for Wet And Moist Materials Self cleaning screen mesh is made of high carbon steel wire, spring steel wire and stainless steel wire. It can offer effective solutions to difficult sizing and aggregate separation conditions, such as the blinding and plugging. Self cleaning screen mesh can separating and screening the wet and moist materials. It is widely used in the separating materials in the mining, quarry and other industries. There are three types of self cleaning screen mesh. W mesh W mesh is specifically engineered and designed to reduce blinding and plugging conditions when the use of conventional square opening wire cloth is not acceptable. The W mesh screen accurately controls material sizing, both undersized, similar sized and oversized materials, while staying clean and remaining efficient. W mesh works on the principle of wire movement. It is designed with alternating straight wire and crimped wire. The crimped wire can decide the aperture size. Both straight and crimped wires are alternately woven together with binding wires, which are placed directly over the longitudinal support bars. To improve the wear resistance, the binding wires can be covered with abrasion-resistant polyurethane. But in the hot mix batch asphalt plants, where accurate sized material is required and blinding conditions are moderate, the polyurethane is not available. W type of self cleaning screen mesh Binding wire covered with polyurethane can improve the wear life D mesh The D mesh is designed with precisely crimped wires and woven into diamond shaped openings. D mesh type has more effective open area, because there isn’t the straight wire, which is existing in the W mesh. D mesh is ideal for the medium and light materials. It is effectively controls the materials sizing through the equal openings. D mesh can do an excellent job no matter how strict the material sizing requirements. D type of self cleaning screen mesh Polyurethane can protect the binding wire and improve the wear resistance H mesh The H mesh of self cleaning screen mesh is made of several horizonal and parallel crimped wires. It looks like the herringbone pattern, which can offer better sizing control than D mesh and W mesh by eliminating more flats and elongates. H mesh is ideal for the situations where material sizing is important, but not very critical. It is proven high effective in the extreme blinding screenings, such as the asphalt screening applications. H mesh of self cleaning screen mesh H mesh has better opening area than D mesh and W mesh Specifications Material: High carbon steel wire, spring steel wire, manganese steel and stainless steel. Wire diameter: 1.6mm - 5mm. Opening size: 5/64" - 7/8" for W mesh. 3/64" - 1-1/2" for D mesh. 5/64" - 3/4" for H mesh. Surface treatment: Galvanized or painted. Edge: Hooked edge is available. Features Control strictly for the sizing. Self-cleaning ability and less maintenance. Three different types - W mesh, H mesh and D mesh. Reduce the blinding and plugging. Wear and abrasion resistance. Producing tighter specifications and having the ability to self-clean. Customized width and length is available. Applications Self cleaning screens effective screening all kind size of the most wet, moist material using in mining, quarry, aggregate processing industries.